For those looking for a little heat


Located in the shadow of Joe Bandido’s on 1400 North and Highway 89 in Springville sits a small burger joint with all outdoor seating.

It may not look big on the outside, but the food inside is worthy of recognition. The small structure is only big enough for a kitchen and a little standing space for customers to place their orders.

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The Ladder 41 burger at Firehouse Burger in Springville.
The first thing you see when walking into Firehouse Burger is a mannequin garbed in firefighter gear, holding a sign that invites you to try the Medic Standby 911 challenge.

“Only two people have ever done it,” a worker behind the desk said. Fittingly, one of them was a local firefighter.

To complete the challenge, one has to consume a burger, consisting of four ¼-pound patties with onion rings and slices of bacon stacked on top of each, a regular order of fries and a 32-ounce drink in 9 minutes, 11 seconds or less.

Because the odds of beating the clock are pretty slim and the sheer amount of food is overwhelming, it’s best to stick with one of the three main burgers on the menu: the Backdraft, the Red Devil or the Latter 41. For those looking to pack in the heat, the Backdraft is Firehouse’s hottest burger, and showcases an unforgiving habanero salsa.

The Red Devil, Firehouse’s most popular burger, is packed with bold flavors and moderate heat from layers of jalapeños, pepper jack cheese and Firehouse’s signature chipotle mayo.

But those who prefer to avoid the heat try the Latter 41. This burger is made up of a patty, cheese, barbeque sauce and the thickest slices of bacon you’ll find on any burger.

So whether you’re in the mood to burn your guts out or devour a savory burger, this hole-in-the-wall burger joint won’t disappoint.

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