Top 5 Yogurt Shops


Ending a date with a trip to a yogurt shop can always be that cherry-on-top part of the experience. Below are the top five yogurt shops that are best to relax, indulge and enjoy.


534 E. University Parkway, Orem

The heart of Yogurtland’s experience is control, choice and creativity in the hands of the customers when choosing their treat. On the nutritional side, they have calcium, vitamins, probiotics and live active cultures to do the body good. This shop takes pride in real yogurt, real toppings and real innovation. There are no surprises with the taste, but there will always be surprising new flavors every time you return.

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EarthFruits Yogurt on the corner of Bulldog and University features unique frozen yogurt flavors.
Golden Spoon

824 E. 800 North, Orem

Their motto is “Ice Cream Lovers’ Yogurt.” It has the sweet taste of ice cream but with fewer calories and better nutritional value, letting you feel free to indulge. Golden Spoon stands out above the rest because it is one of the few that excels in customer service. The employees make your ice cream and apply your toppings exactly how you want it, while giving a more personal and friendly experience at the same time.

Spoon It Up!

700 E. 880 North, Provo

This shop was designed for students. With its choice location (yes, after dinner at J-Dawgs, just take 10 paces next door to dessert) and trendy leather furniture, BYU students can’t help but be drawn to this place. They let the customer build their own creation, while giving them a plethora of choices. And unlike Golden Spoon, they charge you by the scale. What it weighs is what you pay. So feel free to top the granola, candies, fruit, whip cream, more yogurt, cheesecake bites…well, you get the idea.

Earth Fruits Yogurt

44 E. 1230 North, Provo

Earth Fruits’ mission is about health, prosperity and well-being. They believe in giving the freshest ingredients from all over the world to awaken your five senses and restore your soul. In fact, their ingredients are exported from the Amazonian rainforest. This is what makes Earth Fruits stand out. They have planted more than 300,000 trees throughout the rainforest to give back to the beautiful world that gave them the ingredients in the first place.

Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt

1774 N. University Parkway in Provo

Although many consider this shop to be all ice cream and a 100-percent wow factor with its nitrogen creation process, it’s more than it looks. In fact, when choosing your cream content, you can choose yogurt, which is a low-fat alternative and has 0-percent cream content, where most of the fat in ice cream lies. The yogurt option has the exact same flavors and toppings to choose as the ice cream flavors and toppings. So you still win on the taste and win in the calorie battle.

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