Comedy Sportz: Where random rules


    Located in the heart of downtown Provo across the street from what used to be the Tabernacle, big picture windows under green awnings frame a pair of narrow double doors. The white, sans-serif letters on the awnings and windows read COMEDY SPORTZ.

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    Comedians perform improv skits at Comedy Sportz in Provo.
    The comedy club’s simple, nondescript outside appearance directly contradicts the decor inside: a cluttered collection of random objects hanging from every wall. There’s Kermit the Frog, a cardboard cutout of Boba Fett and a chessboard, the warring pieces forever immobilized at 90 degrees. Random is the rule at Comedy Sportz, where no show is seen twice. Using ideas and suggestions from the audience, the actors improvise everything. Weekend shows are red-versus-blue competitive, with each team vying for the audience’s favor with short comedic skits and games. Thursday nights bring long-form improv and half-price tickets.

    “It’s different every time you watch it,” says office manager Shayla Matthews. “That’s probably my favorite thing about it.”

    However, when the show depends on the creativity of the cast to be entertaining, dull moments can be as frequent or fleeting as moments when the entire audience is bent over laughing.

    “I gotta admit there were some boring parts of that show,” one clubgoer was overheard saying on his way out of a Thursday show.

    “Yeah, especially at the beginning,” his girlfriend replied. “The old guy wasn’t funny.”

    But it doesn’t take much for $4 to be worth it. A few steps ahead of the disappointed duo, another college-age man with dancing blue eyes and an enthusiastic grin was quoting a line from the final skit as he walked out the door. “‘Perhaps not!’ That’s probably my favorite line ever.”

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