“Singles Ward” Sequel Released


    By Alyssa Moses

    Five years after the classic Mormon movie “Singles Ward” was released, the sequel, “The Singles 2nd Ward,” is now available on DVD with the original cast and scriptwriter.

    Described as being “funnier than the first” by its poster advertisements, the film”s director says he agrees that “The Singles 2nd Ward” is better than the original.

    “I am a better filmmaker now with four more feature films under my belt,” said Kurt Hale, writer and director. “Even the actors are more seasoned and the script has been around for awhile and has had time to gel.”

    The sequel movie continues where “The Singles Ward” left off. Dalen, played by Kirby Heyborne, meets the girl of his dreams: Christine, played by Erin Chambers. Then, wedding plans and problems ensue as Dalen and his bride proceed toward a temple marriage.

    The script was created in 2003 — a year after the first film was released. But the making of the film was postponed until the original cast could be reunited.

    “I made a deal that I would only make the second one if I could get all the old people back,” Hale said. “Most of the actors have moved on, so it was a real challenge. But we did it.”

    Hale filmed the movie mostly in Glenwood Apartments in Provo, in only 18 days to accommodate the actors” schedules.

    The fact that all the original actors are in the sequel encourages Katie Swainhart, an 18-year-old student from Fort Thomas, Ky., to want to see the sequel to the movie she has seen many times, she said.

    “You gotta see them [LDS films], and you gotta love them,” Swainhart said. “You can expect Mormon movies to be pretty silly. But they”re clean movies and they”re funny. And I want to support those kinds of things.”

    The movie was released straight to DVD last week in time for the Christmas buying season, Hale said.

    “If you love the first one, you will love this one even more,” he said. “This one will not only make you laugh. … We wanna make you cry.”

    For more information, visit halestormentertainment.com.

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