‘Singles Ward’ Sequel Starts Shooting


    By Jordan Imlah

    Stuffed into a small, humid apartment near BYU campus, with people and equipment filling every corner of the living room and spilling out into the hallway, Kurt Hale begins production on another film.

    He feverishly checks and rechecks camera angles, lighting, positioning – almost every aspect of the shot – to be sure he”s getting everything he needs. Taking on several more responsibilities than many other directors, he does everything from moving heavy equipment to running lines with his actors.

    Pressed for time by his own budget and the schedules of his cast members, Hale is not deterred from completing production of his latest movie, “The Singles 2nd Ward,” in just 18 days. Hoping to appease the many requests and demands, Hale is looking to finally relieve perhaps an even greater pressure he has felt for almost three years – the needs of his fans.

    Filming of the “The Singles 2nd Ward” began last week at Glenwood Apartments in Provo, the sequel to the popular 2002 film “The Singles Ward.”

    “People have been asking about the sequel to this film ever since ”The Singles Ward” released and I”ve been getting even more asking and e-mailing me about it ever since I announced I finished the script about three and a half years ago,” Hale said.

    Everyone is really excited to be working on the sequel, he said.

    “It”s a trick juggling everyone”s schedules, especially with many of our actors now performing in New York, but we all felt like we needed to do this,” Hale said.

    “The Singles 2nd Ward” picks up where the first movie left off with Dallen, actor Kirby Heyborne, returning from his mission and falling in love with recent convert Christine, actress Erin Chambers, and the planning of their wedding, Hale said.

    Like the first movie, which was told through the eyes of character Jonathan Jordan, “The Singles 2nd Ward will be told through the recent covert Christine, he said.

    “This film deals with the problems facing new converts in church, especially when it comes to marriage and non-members not being able to attend the wedding ceremony of their son or daughter in the temple,” Hale said. “I think this will really resonate with our audiences.”

    “The Singles 2nd Ward” will be filmed all around Provo, including Fat Catz, Payne Diamonds, Hogi Yogi, the White Willow reception center in Provo and Wallsburg, where all of the church building scenes will be filmed, said Jed Ivie of Halestorm Entertainment.

    “This is iconic Mormon cinema and a true sequel,” Hale said. “If you liked the first film, you”ll like the second.”

    “The Singles 2nd Ward” is expected to premiere fall of 2007. For more information visit halestormentertainment.com.

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