Graduation: A Time for Reflection


    By Maclane Heward

    Commencement is a time of reflection for both students and professors as they look to the future with new thoughts and feelings.

    “I have mixed emotions [about graduation],” said Lexie Harlan, a senior from South Jordan. “It is exciting and scary.”

    Harlan will be graduating with a degree in business management and says that she wants to be able to help people with the questions that they have.

    “I”ve learned so many things that I feel like I can help people with,” Harlan said. “I get a sense of accomplishment but a huge burden and responsibility that I have to go forth and serve now.”

    Students feel a sense of accomplishment as they recognize the work that has gone into getting to this point in their lives. Professors also feel a it as they look at the distance that students have come in their understanding.

    “I think of graduation as a time when we experience a sense of accomplishment,” said Richard Cowen, a professor of Church History and Doctrine.

    Cowen went on to explain how commencement is a word with a great deal of symbolism. The word, indicating a new beginning, is appropriate as graduates are starting a new phase of life.

    Students and professors spend so many hours working to make it to this one point. It is now their privilege to learn from the past and look to the future.

    Students and faculty are advised to plan for the future and remember to order caps and gowns as soon as possible.

    If students and faculty will order their caps and gowns before Thursday, they will save $10.

    The 132nd August Commencement Exercises will be in the Marriott Center on Aug. 16.

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