Guided by Watchmen on the Tower


    By Julian Cavazos

    You will be protected from the evils of Satan if you look for the “watchmen on the tower,” Elder Earl C. Tingey said Tuesday.

    “Satan destroyed the olive trees,” he said. “Today he seeks to destroy families.”

    Tingey related The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today to the parable of the 12 olive trees, found in Doctrine and Covenants 101.

    “The olive tree figures realistically and figuratively in the gospel, the scriptures and the life of the Savior as an object of value and sacredness,” Tingey said.

    Jesus Christ is the Lord of the vineyard, he said.

    “He has a very choice spot of land where He has planted 12 olive trees,” he said. “I truly believe we, as individuals and families, could be considered the favored, valued, sacred olive trees.”

    The watchmen, Tingey said, are the prophets and apostles today.

    “We will be guided and protected from the enemy if we follow his counsel,” he said. “A father is a watchman on the tower to his family. Each of you should be a watchman to yourself.”

    The servants are all members of the Church, he said.

    “They are the worker bees,” Tingey said. Being a member of the Church and serving in various callings and responsibilities implies that we are servants.”

    The towers used to overlook the vineyard are the revelations, prophets, scriptures and temples.

    “The tower is a symbolic point of elevation where we may see the enemy before others do,” he said. “Revelation from living prophets permits us to see more clearly in a clouded world.”

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