Largest Utah Egg Hunt


    By Shanae Briggs

    If you”re looking for the largest, most energized event Saturday morning, April 7, 2007, the place to be is Mountain View High School at 9 a.m.

    Saturday Orem city will host its annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Mountain View High School football field and Orem Recreation center.

    “If you”ve seen any of our youth activities, you need to make sure you come to our Easter egg hunt,” said Sue Dennett, program manager for the Orem City Recreation Department. “Thousands of kids show up, and it takes only minutes to clear the entire football field of candy and eggs. It”s incredible to see.”

    Orem”s Easter egg hunt has become a tradition for many people – including the businesses that sponsor the activity every year. The sponsors provide prizes for every child who participates – whether or not that child finds an egg on the field.

    Everyone gets a bag with a few things in it, said Mark Resch, program coordinator for youth sports.

    “People start lining up around 7 a.m.,” Resch said. “Then at a quarter to nine, we line them up around the field and when the horn blows, it”s over. It”s a lot of work for fifteen minutes of fun.”

    Resch explained that the football field is split in half. One side is for older children and one for younger children. Then there is a field of grass in front of the Orem Recreation Center for children ages 0-3 years old.

    This year, Chuck E Cheese”s and Costco are the major sponsors with many local businesses contributing as well, said Megan Caswell, the intern working on the Easter egg hunt.

    “It”s a good opportunity for the local businesses to have some free advertising and participate in the community,” Caswell said. “It hasn”t been too difficult to find sponsors.”

    Caswell has spent the entire semester preparing for the Easter egg hunt. Now that most things are set in place, she only has one worry.

    “I just hope the weather is good,” Caswell said. “Last year they said it was pouring rain, but thousands of kids showed up anyway. I just don”t want it to rain.”

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