Surprise loved one with a singing valentine


    By Crystalee Webb

    Imagine hearing a knock on the door and opening it to hear a ballad of love songs. This year Valentine”s Day will be especially memorable for those who receive such a “Love-Note.”

    The “singing valentines” are available exclusively on Valentine”s Day, an alternative gift idea beyond the typical flowers and roses. Senders select performers, a song and a rose and write a card for their significant other, all for doorstep delivery.

    Aaron Ashton, a violin performance master”s student, is vice president of the Love-Note business, which was created by BYU students for a business management class. He said the company has already generated interest and that those who receive a Love-Note won”t be disappointed.

    “We have serious songs and really fun songs,” Ashton said. “It”ll be a blast.”

    The singing valentines will be performed by hand-picked musicians, many from the BYU music program. Love-Note senders choose a male-female vocal duet singing popular upbeat love songs like Nat King Cole”s “L-O-V-E,” a violin/acoustic guitar duet performing a variety of genres from bluegrass to Celtic songs or a violin duet offering classics like “Pachelbel”s Canon.”

    Additional treats are available for delivery including chocolate-covered strawberries. Look for the Love-Note booth today, west of the Terrace in the WSC. For more info call Laura at 434-9106

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