‘Cecil’ T-shirts Get Support


    By Shea Miller

    What started as a wild idea of a business venture for three BYU students has turned out to be a growing local company with President Cecil O. Samuelson as their logo.

    Last November, 2005, Austin Craig, Landon Pratt and Roger Pimentel created “Cecil is My Homeboy,” a company selling T-shirts with President Samuelson on them out of their Liberty Square living room.

    “Somebody said it would be funny if we did it,” Craig said. “And two days later we were at the printer.”

    They sold 50 shirts in the first weekend.

    With the appearance of a few negative letters to The Daily Universe editor concerning the shirts, Craig said they wondered what President Samuelson had to say about them.

    Craig said the shirts meant no disrespect and that President Samuelson even has one.

    “We had one gift wrapped and left it with his secretary,” Craig said.

    They later received a thank you e-mail.

    Not only is President Samuelson ok with it, but the President of the University of Utah has one as well.

    “We”re really receiving support around here,” Pimentel said. “Dr. Stice, the accounting professor, has been plugging the company in his classes.”

    Craig, Pratt and Pimentel have already chosen two new designs voted on by users on their Web site. The new shirts will feature Accounting 200”s Norman Nemrow and say, “Norm is watching you.” The other says, “Nobody wants to see your ring.”

    Advertising techniques are in the early stages, using Facebook, the 100 hour board, word of mouth and sidewalk chalk-which landed them in The Daily Universe Police Beat section a few weeks ago.

    “We”ve run into some problems here and there,” Pimentel said. “But it”s a lot of fun and we”re learning so much.”

    Pratt, a computer science major, gained considerable experience in designing the Web site.

    “Even though this company might not be a main source of income one day,” Pratt said. “We”re learning business lessons early on.”

    The shirts are $10 for white and $12 for color and can be bought on their Web site, cecilismyhomeboy.com.

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