Students react to the infamous Rivalry


    Compiled By Melissa Leeper/Daily Universe and Joe Beatty/ The Daily Chronicle

    The rivalry between Brigham Young University and the University of Utah is deep-rooted and intense. A number of students on both campuses shared their opinions of the football rivalry between BYU and Utah. This is what they had to say.


    ?I think it?s something that students really look forward to during the semester. It?s something they get worked up over and something to be excited about. It?s some healthy competition. I grew up watching BYU football games. The U game is the one you always look forward to.? Eric Lew, Lehi Ut, Music, senior

    ?I think it?s something to get excited about. Something to get the blood flowing. I think it gets all the adrenaline moving.?Stacy Stirland, Netherlands, Undecided, freshman

    ?I think a lot of people get really caught up in the rivalry, with a lot of emotions.?Jon Marshall, Valencia Ca, Mechanical Engineering, Senior

    ?I kind of like it. It kind of hits close to home because I?m from Utah. My parents are from the U; I have siblings that go to the U. I love when we play against the U. I like just feeling the competition. My brother and I who go to the Y root for the Y. My parents root for the U. My other brother for the U. I have a sister who graduated from the Y, but works at the U now. So, she roots for whoever she feels like that year.?Brooke Yates, Dietetics, Taylorsville Utah, junior

    ?I think it?s really fun, especially all the activities that surround it the week before and the food drive. I think this school?s done a really good job to take it beyond just football. We have a lot of family up here so we normally come up here for the games. My family flies up here for that weekend and we all go see the game. I?ve seen 3 or 4 games now. For living in Texas that?s not bad. I went to the one last year?that?s the one where we lost big. I hope it doesn?t happen again. Hopefully we?ll have a good game this year.? Bryce Merrill, Highland Village, TX, Undecided, sophomore.

    “The whole week is great. Although I may not respect U fans, it?s so much fun to rant and rave back and forth at each other and show our disrespect. Cause they?re dirty Utes. They?re just dirty. They?re vile. Something?s wrong about this people. It?s like they picked up half their players from the prison and the other half are their fans.? Brandon Judd, Tremonton Utah, Print Journalism, Senior

    ?I think it?s great. As long as it stays clean and no one gets hurt, I think the rivalry is great. It?s something to look forward to each year.? Scott Heath, BYU graduate, CPA

    ?I think the rivalry is lots of fun. It makes for some really competitive games, like the game coming up. I think a lot of fans come out that wouldn?t normally come out. I think it?s a great way for students to come out and support the school.? Brandon Bennett, Psychology, Kansas


    ” I want to go to the game, but I don?t have time. I hope we win, because hopefully we?ll get to go to a bowl game, and plus, I don?t like BYU because they?re the team down south, they wear blue and I don?t like the color blue.” Tom Dark Senior, Civil Engineering

    “Everyone down there is Satan and they can all burn in Hell.” Nick Macey Junior, Political Science and Economics

    “I like them, but I?m sorry that we?re going to have to destroy them. I just hope we win so that my parents don?t make fun of me.” Brian Jorgensen Sophomore, computer engineering

    “I don?t like BYU on any level. I?ve grown up in Utah and there are two things I like about BYU: the two friends I have that go there.” Johnny Trujillo Sophomore, elementary education

    “I was raised to hate BYU. I want to see a blow-out win for Utah, but I?m realistic so I know we could lose pretty easily, too.” Tyson Sharp Senior, Accounting

    “I think it?s a very unique place. I don?t think there is any other place like it on earth, but maybe in Mars. To tell you the truth, I don?t know who is going to win. Of course I hope the Utes. I would like to see John Beck cry again. Whether that means he?s happy because he hasn?t beaten Utah in awhile or because he threw a lot of bad passes, that would be nice.” Tyler Peterson Senior, communication

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