Editorial: Honor Code should be personal


    Last week we reported the Harold B. Lee Library’s change to not enforce the Honor Code. However, some may have taken the news as reason to avoid living by the guidelines at all. That wasn?t the library?s intent, and this shouldn?t be the case.

    For those who may not know, the Honor Code was started in 1949 by BYU?s chapter of the Blue Key National Honorary Fraternity and the White Key organization. In short, students started it. A few decades later, the university adopted it as official policy. Through its modifications, some aspects changed, but its underpinnings have always remained the same ? guidelines to living an upstanding life.

    The Honor Code should not require strict monitoring. The university shouldn?t have to enforce it. That?s not because people shouldn?t obey it; it?s because any honor code depends principally on one?s own internal morals. Hopefully, we will all value our own honor and realize how much its worth to live the Honor Code.

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