Gaol achievement topic of Devotional


    By Jens Dana

    BYU biology professor Lee Braithwaite will share his life experiences with students to encourage them to become goal oriented at this week?s devotional.

    ?The devotional is from an experience I had with Elder Mark E. Peterson,? Braithwaite said. ?Not many of the younger generation know him, but a lot of us from the older generation remember him.?

    Since joining the faculty at BYU, Braithwaite has received many teaching and mentoring awards. He has specialized in marine animal feeding strategies and the behavior of predators and prey found in shallow and deep water.

    He said he hopes his experience will prompt students to develop important life-long attributes.

    ?I hope they will take away gratitude and a greater sense of being a friend to all around them,? he said. ?And also to be goal oriented, especially at this time of their lives, as well as throughout the rest of their lives.?

    Braithwaite has served in many capacities in the LDS church, including as a bishop and a branch president at the MTC. He is married to Judith Johns and has five sons and 37 grand children.

    The devotional will begin at 11:05 am in the Marriott Center.

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