Provo pair stabbed


    By Daniel Monson

    A local teen boy and his father were stabbed at their Provo apartment Monday.

    Police received a call around 4:30 p.m. that there was a stabbing at 115 E. 300 North.

    Officers arrived to find 23-year-old Hispanic male Ruben Dircio-Carreto being held by the victims and other witnesses. Both Saul Cristobal and his father Gabriel Cristobal had been stabbed.

    Earlier that day, Gabriel noticed a stranger sitting on the back steps of their apartment, police Capt. Rick Healey said.

    When Gabriel and his son Saul confronted Dircio-Carreto, a quarrel began and Saul was stabbed in the abdomen.

    ?That fight ended up getting the father also stabbed,? Healey told The Associated Press. ?And then they were able to kind of hold him back with some items that were in the house and then the police got there.?

    The three men were quickly taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center after police arrived and all three were treated for wounds.

    Saul?s abdomen wound was the most severe, requiring several hours in the operating room. His condition stabilized by Monday night, Healey said.

    Gabriel received stiches on his upper leg and was released. The alleged attacker was also treated for minor cuts to his hands.

    There is no current link between Dircio-Carreto and the Cristobals, Healey stated in a police report.

    Dircio-Carreto was arrested on charges of attempted murder, aggravated burglary and possession of methamphetamine.

    ?The mental stability of the suspect is part of the problem,? Healey said.

    The investigation continues and detectives are looking for more information on Dircio-Carreto.

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