Vault cracks open in Provo


    By Amy Nielson

    Provo City Council unanimously approved the opening of a dance hall and restaurant that will become a favorable asset for students and the community Tuesday.

    ?We have to look at our downtown urbanization as a bit of a paradigm shift,? Councilwoman Midge Johnson said. ?We are trying to create a different Provo. We are trying to create a downtown that has some nightlife.?

    The Vault will be located in the Wells Fargo Building on University Ave. It will include a 2,000 square-foot dance floor and a restaurant.

    ?I really like the name Vault; it?s perfect for the bank,? Johnson said.

    Mario and John Uceda, two brothers who own the Vault, were not surprised by Tuesday?s unanimous approval.

    ?I was pretty confident,? Mario Uceda said, ?A lot of people are interested.?

    Uceda said different activities will be offered each night of the week.

    Council members said they hope the new club will aid the community.

    ?There are a lot of students, especially in this area, that would like to have something like that,? said Brian Chapman, a senior, from Garden Grove, Calif.

    Uceda said the Vault will uphold LDS standards and be a place to dance, talk and have other activities, but BYU students are not the sole targets of the business.

    ?I can?t see just young people,? Johnson said.

    Development Consultant David Gardner said the dancehall owners want to attract various clientele each night, and anticipate the Vault will be a gathering place of all ages.

    ?The clientele can make or break what happens here,? Councilman Paul Warner said.

    This is not the first dance club to open downtown, but Warner said it?s hard to open a dancehall in Provo.

    ?I want to make sure this will bring a group of young people downtown and encourage others to come downtown and off the streets,? he said. ?It can go either way.?

    Council members said they were excited about the new venture.

    ?We?ve been looking for ways to bring people to downtown Provo,? Vice Chairwoman Barbara Sandstrom said. ?This is one way to do it.?

    The opening of the restaurant and dance hall is expected to be sometime this fall.

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