Late library nights for finals


    By Ashley Camp

    The chairs in the periodical section in the Harold B. Lee Library are home to BYU student Aubrey Stitt during finals week.

    ?I study here, sleep here, live here,? she said. ?I don?t know what I would do without extended hours during finals week.?

    The HBLL will continue its tradition of keeping its doors and services open later than usual during Winter Semester?s reading days and finals.

    Beginning Monday, the library will extend its hours until 2 a.m., Monday through Friday, to offer a place for students to study and complete finals projects.

    ?Not much gets done at home past 11:00 p.m.,? said Josh Brazier, 24, from California. ?The library is a great place to go after hours, especially during finals week.?

    Students have expressed appreciation for longer library hours as a place to go for quiet study and a change of venue from their dorm or apartment.

    ?It?s nice to have a quiet place to study,? said Jessica Crum, 23. ?It?s a great meeting place and study place.?

    However, unlike Fall Semester, the library?s Learning Resource Center will not be open later.

    The need for the resources or the number of computers in the LRC was not great enough last semesters to justify keeping that area open until 2 a.m.

    To ensure that there are enough computers available for students, the Open Access Lab in 2210 HBLL, located next to Periodicals, will stay open, said Jeff Belliston, the library?s general information services chair.

    Other services available through the extended hours are: General Reference/Information Commons, Circulation, Periodicals and Security. The extended hours schedule will end on April 20, the second to last final exam day.

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