Viewpoint: Praying for more wins


    By Jordan Burke

    Brigham Young football has been in a precarious position over the last few months. But something gave me some hope last week ? even an idea ? of how BYU could possibly continue its winning streak, following the win they eked out over Wyoming, and salvage a good season. I?m talking about some more prayer or semi-righteous fervor.

    In case you didn?t know, BYU and the church broadcast most Cougar football games on the church?s satellite system. I chuckled when I read the church?s announcement on ?These broadcasts are to be viewed only in the cultural halls of Church buildings to help maintain a spirit of reverence in meetinghouses.?

    I know that we should keep our meetinghouses reverent, but why couldn?t or shouldn?t we televise football games in the chapel for those who can?t come to Utah?

    Aren?t we supposed to be converting people through Cougar football (that?s how they rationalize how much we spend on the team)?

    So far, fans have showed support and dislike over the past seven games. Now their record stands at three wins and four losses, placing them third in the Mountain West Conference.

    I can?t say I?m the biggest football nut, nor can I say I?m even a bite-sized nut. But I get a taste of what the masses think ? after each game I get letters saying what plays should be done away with, who should be fired and what tricks the team can pull to garner a win.

    Perhaps if we let fans across the nation and world view the Cougar Blue (navy, royal or another shade of the day), while dressed in their shirts and ties or dresses, we could pull down some power to trample over our opponents.

    A little prayer also wouldn?t hurt our chances of besting Air Force, San Diego State, New Mexico or even Utah. Imagine, if we won those games, our record would improve to seven wins and four loses, which is respectable.

    Maybe with a shirt and tie, our out of town fans could help us grab some wins while appearing on national television.

    I?m not asking stadium attendees to wear semi-formal wear. I?m just suggesting we harness the enthusiasm of those church-bound fans and outsource the game result to their plea to above since Provo-based prayers haven?t affected our record too much.

    As for me, don?t plan on me sporting a tie at any venue outside of Ascot. I have enough trouble getting one on each Sunday. But either way, I hope we win.

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