Guitars un-Unplugged


    Was it Battle of the Bands with a dash of Hip Hop or an acoustic guitar show? I’m not sure. As a long time acoustic guitarist and Guitars Unplugged supporter, I feel the need to address a slight issue with the show, that is: it’s not Guitars Unplugged anymore. Having seen the roots of the show back in the late ’90s, I feel I can safely make the assumption that BYUSA has strayed quite a ways from the intent of the performance, showcasing singer/songwriters and good old-fashioned guitar, and instead has turned it into something that, frankly, you don’t even need to have a guitar to perform in.

    Does that seem odd to anyone else? Now, I’m not discounting the talent of any of these acts. In fact, I enjoyed a lot of what I heard. But, is it right to disregard the clearly-stated premise of an unplugged guitar because you feel that that type of show won’t sell you record numbers of tickets or interest the crowd enough? To that I say, have a little more faith in your audience, have a little more soul in your show, and let your bands play somewhere else. Until then, as George Harrison so eloquently put it, “my guitar gently weeps”.

    Wynn H. Burton

    Cleveland, OH

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