Practice music tolerance


    “The Bubble” is a celebration of clich?s and the viewpoint sections of the latest edition are proof of this. I guess Hip-Hop is immoral because it speaks of sex, drugs and violence. To offer a different viewpoint I think that while some lyrics are inappropriate, there do exist artists that rap about the state of the human condition in their communities rather well, like Outkast, Guru, A Tribe Called Quest and I’d even say Tu-Pac.

    Similarly, genres like rock n’ roll, the blues, punk rock, and jazz have a lot to offer us in terms of ideas and viewpoints we might not otherwise consider. To reject what these artists have to say is a great mistake, which will lead to living inside a sanitized ‘bubble’ bound by clich?s without a thorough understanding of the ‘outside world’. I propose we destroy the Bubble and start entering to learn, and going forth to serve by understanding and appreciating other cultures.

    Michael M. Strayer

    Placerville, Calif.

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