Students slide into winter sledding


    By Loni Lawrence

    Large piles of snow can only mean one thing: time to go sledding!

    With the snow here to stay, at least for a while, classic sleds and riding styles could be in danger of getting old. Keep the sledding experience fresh, and show off unique downhill skills, by using a few specialized moves.

    Shaking the traditional sledding experience can be as easy as laying down. Try stretching out on a fast sled, preferably with no raised sides.

    One oldie but goodie that promises a head rush is the headfirst stomach ride. Starting with a slight run and flopping on the sled penguin-style ensure speed (though not always precision).

    The final crowning move for a sledding expedition could be the “mountain” — piling of at least 4 people on one sled for the last run down the hill. Doing this move last is essential as sudden throws of the sled can result from the tiniest of pebbles in the path. Most likely, at least one person will walk away with a slight injury.

    Our advice is: be creative. Even slight differences can keep sledding a fun and exciting experience.

    Top 10 Best Sleds

    1. The ”Scooter”: A sled with handlebars and a padded seat hooked on runners — looks a lot like a sled.

    2. The Ski Sled: Think the picturesque winter sled and you will picture this one.

    3. The Saucer: Beware of out-of-control changes of direction and intense speed.

    4. The Roll Up: Shaped like fruit roll up, this sled is versatile (try going head first on your stomach) and fast.

    5. The Innertube: Size is the name of the game with this sled. The bigger the better.

    6. The Card Board Box: The thicker the better for padding against the bumps.

    7. The Boogie board: looking for something to do with your water sports equipment when it is not the summer season?

    8. The Blow up tube-Different than the inter-tube. This tube was obviously made for sledding with bright colors and handles.

    9. The $10 Plastic Sled-traditional sled with room for two.

    10. The Plastic Garbage Bag-For those with slim budgets, any plastic bag with do the job of taking you from the top of the hill to the bottom.

    Top six Best Places to Sled

    1. Rock Canyon Park

    2. Sundance Ski Resort

    3. Sugarhouse Park

    4. Big Cottonwood Canyon

    5. Gorgoza Park at Park City Mountain Resort

    6. Aspen Grove

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