Spanish Fork venue attracts live blues and jazz


    By Joseph Ellsworth

    For those people who dream of playing music on a lighted stage in front of screaming fans, there”s a place that can make the desire become a reality for anyone.

    The Booth Brothers music store and performing arts center in Spanish Fork provides the instruments, the lessons, and the stage for any aspiring musician with a taste for stardom.

    Steve, Mike, and Daniel Booth re-located their instrumental music store 16 years ago into the heart of Spanish Fork on Main St. In 1998 the brothers expanded their operations by buying a small movie theatre three doors down. After one year of showing movies, they decided to convert the movie theatre into a performing arts venue.

    Kurt Gordon, who books live acts at the center, took lessons from Steve Booth when he was eight-years-old and has worked at the store for four years. He is optimistic about the center”s potential to showcase local talent.

    “I think it”s wonderful because there for a little while everybody shut down, nobody was taking the risk on live entertainment, and now everybody has come together and said hey, we need more of this in this valley,” Gordon said.

    The center hosts free live music on the weekends as well as comedy shows and plays. Once a month it hosts a Blues Night as well as a monthly Jazz Night that showcases the local talent of those genres.

    Dave Wilbur, professional bassist and composer, hosts the monthly blues night. He works with Booth Brothers to provide unique solo sessions for local musicians who are young or inexperienced.

    “Blues Night is a great chance for kids and younger players in general to get a chance to play with upper level players,” Wilbur said. “We just tear it up down there. It”s a heck of a lot of fun.”

    Wilbur said local musicians who want experience with professional players come to Blues Night to play with pros whose “resumes would knock you out.”

    “[They] play to give back to the musical community,” Wilbur said.

    Owner Steve Booth said live music and other performances in his performing arts center provide wholesome entertainment for the community that is free from swearing and sexual innuendo.

    Employees and owners at Booth Brothers are hopeful that their center will provide entertainment for the community for years to come.

    “I hope we can keep things going with live music and adapt that a little bit more into our community here,” Gordon said.

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