Letter to the editor: True-blue fan


    Dear Editor,

    I am no closet Ute. There is no red sympathy in my heart. I grew up in Salt Lake City, and as a DNA Cougar fan, I put up with the obnoxious Utes from day one. Every year I am awestruck by our BYU fans with red tendencies. Our neighbors to the north despise everything about BYU. If they had it their way, they would have our university wiped from the face of the earth.

    All I am asking is that we show no mercy to the Utes on Saturday. Let them enter a hostile stadium covered in blue. May the boos pound their red helmets like rain. We need to get inside their heads and let them know that the days of winning in Provo are effectively over.

    The best BYU game ever was in 1989: BYU-70, Utah-31. I was there.

    Rex Warner

    Salt Lake City

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