Q & A in the WSC with mayoral candidates


By Joni Renick

Students will have the chance to meet with mayoral and Provo city council candidates today in the WSC Terrace at 11 a.m.

?These candidates have a lot to do with how our lives down here. These people affect us more than any other form of government,? said Janeal Thornock, legislative assistant for BYUSA.

During the meeting students will have a chance to ask the candidates questions.

Thornock says there are many issues students should be concerned about while questioning these candidates.

It is the City Council who determines the quality of life in Provo?s neighborhoods, where people can park and where their cars will get booted or towed, she said.

?They have direct control over our housing and our zoning and anything else that has to do with where we live,? she said.

Thornock said she encourages students to consider asking questions about other issues that affect BYU students directly, such as SCAMP and the dance and noise ordinances.

?These are things that can make or break a students life,? Thornock said.

This question and answer period may help those students who are registered to vote in Utah County to make conscious, educated decisions about who to vote for.

Some students think this question and answer period could be very beneficial.

?This is very relevant for us because we are part of this city and we need to find out which of these people will invest in the interest of us, the students,? said John Wilson, 25, a sophomore from Seattle, Wash., majoring in music composition.

It is important for students registered to vote in Utah County to know how the candidates are going to vote about certain issues, Thornock said.

?We need to know who to talk to when problems come up,? she said.

It is very important students are not only involved in this but also that they are informed, said Rachel Stewart, 20, a junior from Baumont, Cali., majoring in elementary education.

Thornock feels that being at the meeting will be an affective tool for students.

?I would encourage the student body to even just come and listen because you can learn so much just by listening,? she said.

It is expected that all candidates will attend, Thornock said.

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