By Jesse Coleman

    As the nation begins to take account of the devastating events that have taken place across the nation, Utah lawmakers prepare themselves to do their part helping Utah citizens handle the situation.

    Though all relief is currently being coordinated through the governor”s office, the most immediate response to the actions today by the Utah State Legislature will be a special session scheduled for September 25.

    According to Senator John L. Valentine, Senate Majority Whip, this session was called originally for the purpose of redistricting, but could have measures related to the events today added to it. However, it is too early to tell exactly what those measures will be.

    “We are still examining the alternatives that the state could use to respond for the safety of our citizens,” Valentine said. “It is still early to say what they will be.”

    Meanwhile, Salt Lake City has been abuzz with concerned citizens and dedicated lawmakers. According to Carbon County Representative Brad King, “It”s the only thing anyone is talking about.”

    King said the overall feeling at the Utah Capital continues to be one of shock.

    “It”s kind of scary stuff,” King said.

    Nevertheless, King said he was impressed by the amount of sympathy expressed by the people of Utah. People around the capital stopped by all Monday morning asking about developments and expressing sympathy for the families of those involved. Legislators, both Republicans and Democrats, stopped in at the capital, despite the fact the Legislature is not currently in session.

    A regularly scheduled meeting of top Democrats and Republicans was called Tuesday afternoon. However, any action to be taken will still go through the executive branch of Utah government.

    Nevertheless, King said there has been an increase of security in the state capital by the Department of Public Safety. All employees are required to wear ID badges and no deliveries are being accepted. This increase of security is routine for events of this type, King said.

    Despite the security, there is not a feeling in the capital that Salt Lake City could be the next hit by terrorists.

    “There is no major concern that Utah is the target for any terrorist attacks,” King said.

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