Testaments actor speaks about his experience


    By Jennifer Ripplinger

    Rick Macy spoke of his experiences during the production of “The Testaments” and the importance of the film Monday, June 11, at the Emeriti Summer Activity in the Ernest L. Wilkinson Center.

    “We knew it (the film) must be a vehicle to touch many people,” said Macy, who played the character Helam.

    Macy said those involved in the film felt a grave responsibility, and he likened it to any calling people receive.

    “You feel a little bit overwhelmed,” he said.

    He spoke much about the final scene of the movie, when the Savior heals Helam.

    “I will have to admit to you that I was unprepared for it,” he said.

    The scene only had one word, “Helam,” spoken by the Savior”s character. Macy said he had not studied much for the scene because it would be visual.

    “I didn”t understand the intensity, the purpose, the magnitude that this scene needed to impact the audience, of who Helam really represented at that last moment,” Macy said.

    “I”ve had many people come up and say, ”I”ve felt that that was me at His feet”,” he said.

    When the Savior”s character says Helam”s name, “He may as well have said my own name,” Macy said.

    “I was not prepared . . . for the tremendous feeling, and that is a word that doesn”t even begin to describe the feeling of one being in the presence of the Son of God,” Macy said. “I”ve never had an experience like that.”

    He said he felt joy and at the same time retribution from the Lord because he had not prepared for that moment and had taken it lightly.

    “This person had to represent all of you at the feet of the Savior. I had no idea,” he said.

    After the director said “cut,” Macy said he then knew where the scene needed to go.

    He needed to be listening, to be there, to be something for the Lord to use, he said.

    He said this scene was filmed eight times, and when it was done Macy was exhausted.

    “Is this the greatest film that”s ever been made? According to some of the stories that people have shared with me at the end of a fireside, you would think so.” he said. “Is it an Academy Award-winning performance, judged by the world? I don”t know. I don”t know that they care for it much. The Lord really doesn”t do his work to please men. But it pleased those that come to Him.”

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