“Preparing for the temple”: Elder Russell M. Nelson


    By Mary Dondiego

    Personal preparation for temple blessings was the subject of Elder Russell M. Nelson”s talk during the Saturday afternoon session of general conference.

    Elder Nelson said, “As temples are prepared for our members, our members need to prepare for the temple.”

    He spoke of the temple as a symbol of membership in the church, as a sign of faith, and as a step toward eternal glory. Therefore, to enter the temple is a tremendous blessing, he said.

    Elder Nelson also said preparing to be worthy to enter the temple should not be rushed.

    “We cannot cut corners of preparation and risk the breaking of covenants we were not prepared to make. That would be worse than not making them at all,” he said.

    Elder Nelson spoke of temple ordinances, including the endowment and the blessings of being sealed as families, as gifts from the Lord.

    He also said preparation includes qualification for a temple recommend. Part of the process of obtaining a recommend is being interviewed by the bishop. Elder Nelson said the issues covered during these interviews are crucial because they are “spiritual separators.”

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