Police Beat, Dec. 7


    By Andy North

    The following is a list of incidents reported to University Police for the week of Nov. 28.


    Clothes were stolen from a car parked near Wymount Terrace on Monday, Dec. 4. The car was left unlocked in the parking lot so no forced entry was necessary. The stolen clothes were valued at $1,500 and police have no suspects.

    Between 9:20 p.m. on Dec.4 and 7:44 a.m. on Dec. 5, a car parked near Deseret Towers was robbed. An unknown perpetrator broke the vehicle’s window to steal $3 and compact disks. The broken window was valued at $300.

    Three pairs of women’s pants were stolen from the laundry room of Helaman Hall’s Hinckley Hall. Two ladies Gap pants and one pair of Silver brand pants were reported missing on Monday. The total loss is estimated at $112.

    In a related incident, another female student’s Abercrombie shirt was stolen from the same laundry room on Nov. 12. Later, on Nov. 29, three more pairs of her pants were stolen from the Hinckley Hall laundry room. The student reports two Express brand jeans and one pair of Silver jeans were stolen. When she checked on the laundry she found the three jeans had been replaced with a pair of pants that were not hers. Total loss is estimated at $167.

    Money was stolen from a purse in the Creamery on 9th on Nov. 29. At the time of the incident the purse was hung on a coat rack behind the booth where the victim was sitting. A total of $150 in cash was stolen from the purse. Police have no suspects.

    An electronic phone device was stolen from the Joseph Smith Building on Nov. 28. The analog adapter option attached to the phone was used to aid the hearing impaired. The cost of the device is estimated at $230. There are no suspects.

    Sometime between Nov. 27 and Nov. 29, a model car and three lamps were stolen from the BYU auto lab. The 1/4 scale model concept car was valued at $75 and the lamps cost $150. All items were locked in a room that is only accessible by a key pad. There were no signs of a forced entry.


    Police were called to the Cannon Center on Nov. 30 to assist in breaking up a food fight. The fight started when one student flicked some food at another. In minutes 6 to 8 students were involved in throwing food across the room. Before the police arrived, all those involved fled the scene. Police have not been able to locate the perpetrators.

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