Orson Scott Card visits BYU


    By Gina Groeger

    Orson Scott Card spent the afternoon signing books for fans in the bookstore Nov. 13.

    Card, a BYU graduate and award-winning author, was signing copies of his latest work, “Sarah,” a story about Abraham’s wife.

    Though Card said he has been writing for sometime now, it hasn’t always been in his current format.

    As a theater major at BYU, Card said he was involved in every aspect of theater. However he found that the plays he wrote were more popular than anything else he did.

    Card said he wrote plays until he found out more money could be made writing books.

    The first book he published was in 1977 through Bookcraft. It was a non-fiction book called “Listen to Mom and Dad,” Card said.

    Over the years Card has spent most of his time creating science fiction.

    Card said he began reading science fiction books in junior high.

    Card’s own science fiction books “Ender’s Game” and “Speaker for the Dead” received both the Hugo and Nebula Awards.

    With “Sarah,” Card began what he said would be a three part series.

    Card said two more bible-based books are in the works. Both will be about women.

    The next book will be titled “Rebecca.” The third book is about Rachel and Leah; the title has not been decided yet, Card said.

    Card said he is busy with other projects as well. His next book will be published in January. The title of the book is “Shadow of the Hedgemon.”

    Two more books, sequels to “Shadow of the Hedgemon,” will follow, Card said.

    Card said he is also going to finish “The Alvin Series” as soon as he can.

    Francisco Kortman, 18, a freshman from Marietta, Georgia, majoring in anthropology, said he was skeptical at first about reading a science fiction book by an LDS author.

    “I am impressed with his writing style, and ‘Ender’s Game’ is enticing and it sucked me in,” Kortman said.

    Jeffery Lee, 18, a freshman from Seattle, said Card takes regular stories and makes them personal and interesting.

    Card received degrees from both BYU and the University of Utah. He currently lives in Greensboro, NC. He and his wife have five children.

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