Jon Schmidt performs at law library


    By Kirk Blad

    The Howard W. Hunter Law library is disturbing the peace in order to create some.

    On October 6th, Jon Schmidt performed as part of the law library’s First Friday Concert series.

    “I love performing at BYU because the atmosphere is more friendly and it’s very noticeable,” said Jon Schmidt, a pianist. “Today, the atmosphere was informal and fun.”

    Schmidt said the concert set up is a bit unnerving but fun to be a part of.

    On the first Friday of each month, the law library opens its doors to musicians like Schmidt, giving students a chance to escape the stress of school.

    “It is the LDS alternative to the wine parties many law schools have on Friday afternoons,” said Constance Lundberg, associate dean of the law school.

    Lundberg said students and visitors gather for an hour of entertainment and relaxation as they listen to some of the community’s most beloved music.

    Lundberg said most of the musicians will come from BYU or from the community.

    The music will range from John Schmidt’s piano to local choirs singing Christmas carols.

    “It gives us a chance to realize that there is more to life than the books,” said Anne Franklin, 38, a second year law student from Warrenton, N.C.

    Franklin said the concerts are not only times to relax but times to be spiritually uplifted.

    Kaye Peterson, the dean’s secretary, said the series started in September 1997 on the request of students.

    Peterson said students made the request after discovering amazing acoustics in the library.

    The acoustics were discovered during a chamber orchestra’s performance at the library’s dedication in 1997. “We want students to realize that they need to make time to relax,” Peterson said.

    The BYU School of Music is working with the Hunter Library on the presentation of the series.

    The concerts are held in front of the large garden window on the main floor of the library.

    All concerts are free and open to the public.

    The concerts begin at noon and are only offered during the academic year.

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