Open house showcases technology


    By Scott Smith

    The Office of Information Technology highlighted new products and services in an open house to faculty and staff Wednesday, Sept. 13.

    Those attending were treated to a tour of the Office of Information Technology facilities, including the new offices in the remodeled McDonald Building.

    Tours took faculty and staff members from the McDonald Building to Smith Family Living Center, the James E. Talmage Mathematical Sciences/Computer Building, the Abraham O. Smoot Administration Building, the Fletcher Building and back.

    In the Talmage Building, faculty and staff were shown the nerve center for BYU. Behind thick glass windows in a secure room is “The Shark”.

    Sheila Shrout, a customer service representative for the Office of Information Technology, and one of the open house tour guides said “The Shark” computer has the capacity to hold 1.2 terabytes of information. Shrout said it holds many of the programs used in the Route Y system.

    Housed in the same room, is a tape backup machine capable of storing 32 petabytes of information. That is roughly equal to 32 trillion megabytes.

    Ray Daniel, an Application Developer for the Office of Information Technology said the next big release is an online application for BYU, Ricks College, BYU Hawaii, and LDS Business College.

    Daniel said the online application is scheduled for release on Oct. 1, 2000.

    Daniel said they are also developing a new email program for Route Y. The goal is to allow attachments to be sent and received through Route Y.

    Tom Wride, an Internal Audit Manager for BYU Auditing, said he was impressed by the immense nature of what it takes to run the BYU network.

    The open house also included a tour of the remodeled McDonald Building.

    The McDonald Building houses office staff, the information technology service hotline 378-4000 and a new walk-up counter to handle computer questions in a more personal manner.

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