Interactive “Beyond Karaoke” entertaining for all ages


    By Sara Allen

    Valley Center Playhouse’s production of “Beyond Karaoke” offers more than the typical musical comedy by inviting audiences to sing along with a variety of popular songs.

    “Beyond Karaoke” is a fun, interactive play about a small bar struggling to stay in business.

    The company devises a plan to bring in customers that will actually spend money, unlike the pilots who only stop in for water and free pretzels.

    Karaoke seems like the perfect idea because, as the play explains, it is the big thing right now. With another Karaoke bar already in town, the bar knows they have to do something different if they are going to compete.

    So naturally, they need to go beyond Karaoke.

    With only four people in the entire cast, the actors manage to change their costumes, sing solos and group numbers, dance and interact with the audience with amazing energy.

    The cast’s enthusiasm and excitement both adds to the story line and helps the audience get involved.

    The light-hearted dialogue is conversational and easy to follow, making this play entertaining for all ages.

    And almost everyone can appreciate the humorous costumes these characters put on. Their impersonations range from Sonny and Cher to Vanilla Ice.

    But the best part of “Beyond Karaoke” is the interaction with the audience. Some members of the audience sit on stage and play the bar’s customers. Others have songs sung to them or get called on stage to sing with the cast.

    The involvement with the audience is really what makes this play so fun.

    “Beyond Karaoke” offers an enjoyable activity for families or a fun, inexpensive date.

    “Beyond Karaoke” plays Friday, Saturday and Monday through June 19th at the Valley Center Playhouse in Lindon.

    Ticket prices are $6 for general admission and $5 for students, children and seniors.

    Overall rating: Good.

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