Driver’s ed course helps foreign students get licences



    Foreign students and other adults are being assisted in their pursuit to get Utah drivers’ licenses through the driver’s education course being offered through University Conferences and Workshops.

    The class begins Jan. 13, and meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. in 231 Richards Building. The course runs through March 16, 2000.

    “There are quite a few foreign students who don’t have a drivers license, and it is very difficult in other countries to get licenses. Many foreign students prize their driver’s license as they would their college degree,” said Paul Coon, assistant professor of health sciences, specializing in teacher education.

    “In Singapore it is not necessary to learn how to drive because there are buses, taxis and trains that can take you around to any part of the country,” said Susan Teh, a junior from Singapore, majoring in film.

    “I could use this course because in Utah there is bad public transportation, even just going to the grocery store,” Teh said.

    The course provides extensive behind-the-wheel training and meets the Utah State requirements for an approved driver’s education course.

    “It provides a service for a lot of students, because we charge a minimum amount of money and students get a maximum amount of time behind the wheel,” Coon said.

    The class is open to the public, but space is limited.

    “Anyone that is old enough to drive in the community is welcome to take the course, ” said Karen Pingel, program assistant for Conferences and Workshops.

    Approximately 99 percent of students that are registered for the class are foreign students, Pingel said.

    Tuition for the class is $150. For registration or more information, call Conferences and Workshops at (801) 378-4851.

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