Provo City elections



    City-Wide Council District II

    Brent McQuarrie is the owner of Seven Peaks and sits on the board of a multi-billion dollar California-based bank. He said the experience of dealing with vast amounts of money will help him work efficient budgets into city planning.

    City-Wide Council District III

    Melanie McCoard has attended almost every city council meeting in the past two years and is a homemaker. “Mayor and city administrators have way more power than the city council,” she said. McCoard wants to bring a balance of power back to City Council.

    Norhtwest Council District

    David Rail is a two term incumbent on the city council who sees three major issues facing Provo. Rail is concerned with traffic congestion, public safety and the city’s growth. He sees resident support as paramount. “We’ve slowed down the decision-making process to get public feedback,” Rail said.

    Southeast Council District

    Richard Dougan is concerned with city administration. “Things just aren’t managed very well,” he said. He wants to implement a plan for more open space in the city and get in better contact with residents.

    Stan Lockhart said he wants to focus on grassroots groups. He has given years of public service to the city and is a former neighborhood chair.

    Jon Selden is a write-in candidate and a political science major at BYU. He wants to deal with student issues like parking, traffic, and housing.

    Mark Hathaway is an acting City Council Chair. He has been on the City Council for eight years and wants to see through the projects he has started.

    Barbara Sandstrom: A senior citezen, she is concerned with seeing that senior citizens’ rights are addressed by city council.

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