Bakery robbed at knifepoint



    Two men stole cash at knifepoint from a downtown Mexican bakery Tuesday night, leaving a cash register empty and employees frightened.

    The suspects entered the Panaderia Mexicana Itzel at 236 W. Center at 9:30 p.m., demanding money and threatening workers with a six-inch knife, store owner Alfredo Ramero said.

    One man emptied the cash register while the other held a knife to the back of Veronica Ramero, the store owner’s wife, and led her and another female into a back room, Alfredo said.

    “There are almost always men here with the women in the store, but this night there were just my wife and another girl here. I was out on deliveries,” Alfredo said.

    The two suspects were described as Hispanic males, both from 20-25 years old and wearing baggy black pants. One man wore a long sleeve blue shirt and the other wore a long sleeve white shirt. The suspects wore short hair and were described by witnesses as “cholos” or gang members, Provo police detective Jerry Harper said.

    While Mrs. Ramero was not harmed, she and the other employee were still in shock from the robbery, Mr. Ramero said.

    “She will be OK, but it’s been very difficult for her. We’ve only had one other problem since we opened in February, and that was nothing like this,” Mr. Ramero said.

    Although police arrived four minutes after a 911 call from Mrs. Ramero, no suspects were aprehended. Police do not know if the suspects escaped on foot or in a car because no vehicle was seen after the crime, Detective Harper said.

    If the incident is proven to be gang related, the crime will be investigated by the Utah County major crimes task force. The task force handles gang activity in Utah County.

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