Letter to the Editor: Republican letter judged too hastily


    Dear Editor:

    I would like to respond to a letter published concerning the absence of the Democrats of BYU in a debate with the College Republicans. We have students that are selected to participate in these debates, whereas they expend time to do research so they are properly prepared.

    When we were contacted about this debate, we agreed with the day that was given. Less than a week before the original debate, we were told the date would have to change, and the new date conflicted with the schedules of those participating. We feel in order to provide a quality and educational debate, it is better to be prepared than to wing it. We feel the students at BYU deserve it. Those who were sponsoring the debate did not feel it necessary to recognize our dilemma and did not share the belief that it was not our fault.

    I am disappointed the author of the letter felt it necessary to make hasty generalizations about our club and our party. This obviously shows the ignorance involved with preparing such a letter. I would hope any individual that has any questions or curiosity about our club would come and ask us; our door is always open. Respect comes with action, not words.

    Jon M. Hogelin

    President, Democrats of BYU

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