Money from Olympic license plates goes straight to Utah kids



    A program set up by the Salt Lake Organizing Committee will give many of Utah’s children a chance to experience the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

    The SLOC set up the program to generate money from the new Olympic license plates. When one purchases an Olympic License plate for a $22 annual fee, $7 is the standard State Tax Commission fee while the remaining $15 is donated directly to purchase tickets and Games-related experiences for Utah kids.

    The program will give children the chance to enjoy the events leading up to the Olympics as well as the actual games.

    According to SLOC spokesmen Frank Zogg, the first year has just been completed and things are going well.

    “Our first year went so good that we are 35 percent ahead of our first year goals”, said Frank Zogg, spokesmen for the SLOC.

    More then 28,000 license plates have been sold after one year, generating in excess of $600,000 in gross revenues for the Olympics for the Youth Children Fund.

    The money will be put toward giving kids a chance to experience the Olympics and being a part of it.

    “Purchasing Olympic license plates is an ideal method of helping Utah youth and supporting the 2002 Games,” said Mitt Romney, SLOC president.

    Romney also said everyone across the state can participate in this program and help provide Olympic experiences for our children that can last a lifetime.

    Many Utah parents are excited about the program and the opportunity it can give their children.

    “I think the program is a good thing because it can give a lot of kids the chance to experience the Olympics, when they might not have had the chance to before,” said Utah parent Jenny Johnson.

    Zogg said there will be many opportunities for all kids, but it has not yet been determined how the tickets will be dispersed.

    The SLOC’s overall goal is for 79,000 vehicles to display Olympic license plates. The Olympic license plates went on sale on March 1, 1998.

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