Thanksgiving holiday leaves some alone in Provo



    Ahhh Thanksgiving!

    Pumpkin pie, football, family, no school … need I say more?

    Unfortunately, as I’m cuddled up in front of the big screen, watching the game and enjoying an oversized piece of pumpkin pie, some BYU students will have to settle for turkey sandwiches in the comforts of their own dorm room.

    Whether it be an insignificant amount of travel time or too much cost, some students will have to find other places to spend their holiday.

    Boyd Rolfson, 24, a junior from Houston, Texas, majoring in international relations, said his hometown is just too far away to go home just for the weekend.

    “I may go eat with some relatives in Utah or just have a blockbuster pizza weekend pent up in my apartment,” Rolfson said.

    Besides time constraints, students have other concerns that will keep them in Provo for the holiday.

    Chris Irish, 24, a senior from Vashon Island, Wash., majoring in marketing, said the prices for plane tickets are too expensive for the holiday weekend to even think about going home.

    “I’ve also got a slim chance of getting work off for the entire weekend, so I’ll have to stay around here,” Irish said.

    Shannon Jacobs, 22, a junior from Vancouver, Wash., majoring in English, said she will be spending most of the holiday in Provo catching up on homework.

    “I’ll be going to my uncle’s house in Layton on Thursday, but other than that I’ll be catching up on my classes,” Jacobs said.

    Some students are making the most of the holiday by spending it with families other than their own.

    Heather Glade, 22, a senior from Ashburn, Va., majoring in marketing communications, said, “I’m going home with a roomate and spending the holiday with her family.”

    “They are like a second family to me so spending the holiday with them will be the next best thing to being at home,” Glade said.

    Glade said students who can’t make it home or to another family’s house should do something they wouldn’t normally do and take a break from school at all possible costs.

    If all else fails and you are left with no other options, a Pumpkin Splash Zuka Juice and a turkey sub from Subway are perfect substitutes for the real thing.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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