One-act plays please with hilarity



    “Black Comedy and The Private Ear” is showing at BYU’s Margetts Theater. The show consists of two one acts written by Peter Shaffer and a monologue written by Christopher Durang.

    The show, BYU’s mainstage summer show, was completely done by students. According to student directors Chris Bentley and Adam Boulter, everything from the production and costumes to the technical elements and acting was done by students.

    The humor pours in from the beginning when one enters the theater. As soon as you enter, there will be Jjana Valentiner Morrill performing “Mrs. Sorken.” Morrill, also a member of the local Garrens Comedy Troupe, interacts with the audience in a hilarious way.

    The cast of “Black Comedy” was very funny and animated. The cast is required to act out the entire play as if they can not see anything because the lights are out.

    The challenge is me well by all the actors and turned it into an entertaining and humorous setting. Especially humorous were Tom Hindmarsh as Brindsley Miller, Javen Ronald Tanner as Colonel Melkett, and Rachel Emmers as Clea. They played wonderfully off one another.

    The costumes were well done and added a nice touch to the English humor and setting of the 1960s. The set was very nice in the intimate and small theater; with florescent flowers and lighting you were made to feel as you were actually part of the cast.

    “The Private Ear” is a story of Tchaik, a man who has never been on a date before in his life. He finally rounds up enough confidence to ask out Doreen Marchant. He invites his best friend Ted Veasey to help him during the evening.

    It proves to be very funny as viewers remember the anxieties of our first date and meeting the first person we are attracted to. Aaron Johnston, Javen Ronald Tanner, and Emmelyn Thayer all were very funny and did an excellent job in reliving those memories for all of us.

    “Black Comedy and The Private Ear” plays through Aug. 8 with all shows beginning at 7:30 p.m. For tickets call 378-4322. Tickets are $9 for non-students and $7 with current BYU ID.

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