Orem girl takes the court



    Why dunk for two when you can bury the three? Such is the motto for the 5-9 All-American from Mountain View High School in Orem.

    Erin Thorn, who begins her senior year this fall, has been very busy this summer. After lighting up undefeated Bingham High School for 15 points in her second straight Utah state championship game, Thorn has been seeing America in a way that most people only dream of, as an All-American basketball player.

    “She’s been to Arizona, New York, Chicago and she’s in Indianapolis for the second time this summer,” said Thorn’s mother. “She’s always been a self-motivated child. Basketball is her life. I’m really proud of her.”

    Thorn started playing basketball when she was in sixth grade for a local Junior Jazz team. Between her practice on the court and playing every spare minute in her back yard, Thorn developed a great touch for the game of basketball.

    “She’s always been a great shooter,” Thorn’s mom said. “This past year though, she’s really developed an all-around game.”

    While Thorn’s complete game can be credited to her hard work, Thorn gives most of the credit to her coaches. Thorn is coached by coaches David Houle and Brittany Barlow.

    Houle is one of the premiere coaches in Utah high school athletics. This past year Houle jumped into the national records by coaching a record five state championship teams for Mountain View.

    “I love Coach Houle,” Thorn said. “He’s really a fun guy to play for. He has a lot of fun, but he knows how to be serious when he needs to. He’s a great coach.”

    “He’s great with the girls,” Thorn’s mother added. “He really loves them. He earned every state championship.”

    Whether it is due to the coaching or dedication, Thorn has become one of the best players in the nation. Her accomplishments include two state championships and the state record for making seven three-pointers in one game during the season.

    If that is not enough, Thorn hit nine three-pointers and scored 31 points this summer against one of the top all star teams in the country, in the AAU national championship in Indianapolis. Thorn was also invited to participate in the NIKE girl’s All-Star Camp this past week in Indianapolis.

    Thorn hopes that her hard work and dedication will continue to pay off this year as Mountain View defends their state championship one more time. Thorn also hopes to finish her senior year at Mountain View like she started it off. Thorn’s plans include playing basketball on the college level and hopes to play in the WNBA some day. On the top of the Thorn’s list of colleges are BYU, Duke and USC. She plans to seek a degree in physical therapy or sports medicine in college.

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