BYUSA candidate debatesfocus on character, is



    Candidates for the BYUSA presidency began asking probing questions about the lives and campaigns of their opponents Wednesday at a debate in the Cougareat.

    Vice presidential candidate Peter Miller asked his opponent Rob Porter about Porter’s decision to postpone his mission in order to serve as the BYUSA executive vice president.

    “I’m unfortunate in the fact that I don’t turn 19 until midway through next year,” Porter said. “I wish I could leave on my mission earlier. I’m going to be here next year because of my birthday and I have decided that because I’m going to be here next year that I’m going to dedicate myself to serving students and doing everything that I can while I’m here.”

    Porter followed by asking Miller what specific steps he and his running mate, Kristian Watford have taken toward improving the relationship between SAC and the administration.

    “We met with Student Life vice president Alton Wade and talked about how we want this to be a good relationship and we want to do what’s best for everyone concerned,” Miller said. “The administration wants what’s best for the students just as the students do. If it’s a friendly relationship, that can be accomplished.”

    Later, the debates continued in the Morris Center. The opponents were asked what they admired and respected most about their counterparts.

    “(Porter) is a formidable counterpart,” Miller said. “He is very experienced, confident and you can tell that he is competent also. If Jeremy Bahr and Rob Porter are elected, I would not worry about BYUSA.”

    Porter also praised his opponents’ capabilities.

    “One of the things that’s impressed me most about the campaign in general, and about Pete Miller is just the spirit of the campaign.”

    “Pete Miller has really exhibited that he has fine character. It is evident that he can be a good leader and if elected he will be,” Porter said. “I’m just excited to run against him.”

    Watford answered the same question about Bahr: “Jeremy has always been a good example for me. Even though we’re on opposing sides, I’m grateful I can participate in this campaign with him,” he said.

    Bahr said, “I think the greatest highlight of this campaign is the spirit of love and friendship that’s existed between the candidates. I remember on Saturday, Kristian got out and washed cars. Kristian’s a great guy. I salute Kristian, he’s a great man, he’s a great candidate and a formidable opponent.

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