BYU engineering team selected asfinalist for Bo


    BYU’s Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Technology team has been selected as one of four finalists for the 1995 Boeing Outstanding Educator Award.

    “We established the Outstanding Educator Award to reward engineering educators whose remarkable contributions, often adopted by other schools, are helping to turn undergraduates into flexible, well-grounded engineers,” said Jim Phillips, chair of Boeing’s O.E. Award.

    “The quality of the graduate is the real measure of success,” Phillips said.

    The BYU team consists of Robert H. Todd, Carl D. Sorenson and Spencer P. Magleby, all department faculty members

    Finalists were selected according to the contributions they have made in improving undergraduate education in the engineering, manufacturing, computing, mathematics, physics and chemistry disciplines.

    “The award should indicate industry concern for a balance in the university reward system for teaching as well as research,” said A. Frederick Fath of Boeing Computer Services.

    BYU was selected for its Integrated Product and Process Design Course, a capstone course that provides students with actual experience in the field through solving real industrial problems with active industrial sponsorship and involvement.

    In the program, students work in teams to assemble devices for industry sponsors. Projects have ranged from candy machines to neonatal warming.

    “It was quite an honor for the BYU team to be selected as one of the four finalists from across the nation,” said David Anthony, BYU assistant dean of engineering.

    BYU’s manufacturing engineering and engineering technology program is ranked number one in the nation according to “Strategies for Developing an Exemplary Program” written by Mark Richard Miller from Texas A&M University in 1993.

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