Like other sports teams at BYU, the women’s tennis team has experienced having to step down from tournament play because it was on a Sunday.

Sam and Jacob Tullis grew up playing tennis together, and now they both play for BYU. Although they are competitive on the court, the brothers have a great relationship off the court.

The BYU women’s tennis team credits its recent success at the Cal Fall invitational in Berkeley, California, to their new found positivity and sportsmanship.

Last season, the BYU men’s tennis team held an 18-7 record, with a 7-2 record in the West Coast Conference, putting them second in the conference and 67th in the NCAA. This season, the team is looking to raise the bar and come out on top this year. With four new athletes, Coach Brad Pearce said he is putting an emphasis on the physical and technical aspects of the sport.