Utah Hammock Festival attendees fell just shy of hammocking world record Sept. 7. The current record is 269 hammockers, held in Mainz, Germany.

It’s no secret that Utahns love running. There are countless “26.2” stickers on car windows, and everyone always seems to be talking about their running schedules. Marathon running is gaining popularity as races become more organized and more inclusive. Most marathons offer races for all ages and skill levels. As they become more accessible and […]

The Lincoln Marina on Utah Lake reopened on July 26 after a month of closure due to toxic algae blooms. Officials hope the algae in the area will continue to decrease but have placed the lake under warning after a potentially toxic bloom was discovered on August 8. Public Information Officer for the Utah County […]

It’s common to see a parent sliding down a slide with a child on his or her lap, but doctors are warning against it after a recent study was highlighted as a part of the American Academy of Pediatrics September 2017 conference. The study, led by researcher Charles A. Jennissen, said the action puts children […]