BYU is known for a variety of things such as its religious commitments, subsidized tuition, and athletic programs. Something that isn’t often recognized about the university is the amount of Olympians who call BYU their alma mater.

The World Anti-Doping Agency reinstated Russia on Thursday despite a wave of protests, ending the nearly three-year suspension of the country’s drug-testing program because of a state-sponsored doping scheme.

MOSCOW (AP) — Olympic figure skating medalist Denis Ten was killed Thursday, and prosecutors in Kazakhstan said they were treating the case as murder. Ten was stabbed after a dispute with people who allegedly tried to steal a mirror from his car in his home city of Almaty, Kazakh news agencies reported. Doctors in Almaty […]

Editor’s note: this story pairs with “Utah’s Olympic venues need almost $40 million in repairs.” Salt Lake City could become the fourth location to host a second Olympic Winter Games after the Utah Olympic Exploratory Committee released a report recommending a bid for the 2030 games. “Utah is in a better position to host in 2030 than at […]