It’s that time of year for BYU football fans to gear up for BYU50, a time-based scavenger hunt set across the nation. Fans across the country have competed against each other for the past five years to find a BYU football helmet hidden somewhere in their city for the past five years. BYU’s Athletic Department […]

Porter Ellett grew up in Loa, Utah, loving sports, his family and the gospel. One day, Ellett was helping his father move his 800 sheep to the summer range. After moving the animals, Ellett was riding in the back of a truck with a few older boys. There was a motorcycle strapped down in the […]

The NFL draft this weekend in Arlington, Texas, brought closure and new opportunities to several BYU football alumni. Fred Warner was the only BYU player drafted this year, going in the third round to the San Francisco 49ers. Micah Hanneman, Tomasi Laulile and Jonah Trinnaman were all signed to teams after the draft, while Tejan […]

Greg Wrubell has provided radio and television commentary and analysis on BYU sports for over 20 years. He joined us to discuss the biggest stories coming out of spring ball. We asked him some questions what he observed and some takeaways going forward. Daily Universe: What were some of the biggest takeaways from spring ball […]