BYU football’s Corbin Kaufusi was signed as an undrafted free agent after being passed on in the draft, and Tanner Mangum received a mini-camp invitation from the Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions. This raises the question, “how far can these players really go if no one wanted them in the draft?”

Corbin Kaufusi will be taking the field as a New Orleans Saint during the 2019 NFL season.

Star linebacker Sione Takitaki has found his new home. Instead of a donning the blue and white this upcoming fall, the 230-pound linebacker will put on a brown and white jersey and join the Cleveland Browns on the gridiron. 

The names of Mitch Mathews and Madie Lyons Mathews have often been mentioned in regards to BYU sports. Between Mitch’s football career and Madie’s soccer and track career, the Mathews were hard to miss. Both athletes have taken what they learned on the field to become successful entrepreneurs.