For Olympic prospects Payton Sorenson and Brynne Sproul, swimming is more than just a sport — it’s a catalyst for bringing about enduring relationships.

At just 18 years old, Sproul is one of the youngest Olympic prospects to ever come out of BYU. As a freshman, Sproul has only been competing at the collegiate level for about four months.

Read or listen to a Portuguese translation  Payton Sorenson isn’t just a good swimmer: he’s a world-class swimmer. At just 27 years old, Sorenson has become one of the world’s best sprinters and made it into the semifinals of the 2016 Olympic trials. “I wasn’t expecting to make it that far last time,” Sorenson said. […]

The Olympics often seem like an unachievable dream for most athletes no matter the sport. But after winter swim nationals, BYU swimmers Brynn Sproul and Payton Sorenson are one step closer to competing in Tokyo in 2020.