Rock climber Alex Honnold meticulously chalked his hands before pulling himself up to the thin ledge inside the climate-controlled climbing gym. He dangled by his finger tips for a bit and then fell back to the bouncy mat. Nice and safe. No heart-pounding fear of a 3,000-foot drop, either. In the aftermath of the Academy Award winning documentary “Free Solo ,” Honnold […]

Utah ski resorts are finally gearing up for the summer season after experiencing one of the snowiest winters in the state’s history. Whether it be through mountain biking, hiking, lift rides, concerts or other events, the resorts are hoping to bring in people of all ages during the summer months.

The Utah Lake Commission is searching for answers after recent struggles with algal blooms. The first reports of the toxic blooms this year have already been confirmed at Pelican Bay in Saratoga Springs, and the commission is doing everything they can to keep them from spreading.

Lake Powell is benefitting considerably from this year’s runoff following a strong snow year in the Rocky Mountains. While water levels are expected to continue to rise until the peak month of July, there is still a long way to go before the lake reaches full capacity.