Almost everyone that plays BYU intramural sports has one thing in common. They want a championship T-shirt.

When athletes win the championships of any intramural sport, the t-shirt is the only prize, but it’s plenty. The intramural shirt has been a symbol of the championship, talent and hard work for more than 30 years. The symbolism has elevated a basic t-shirt to legendary status.

It is a cold, wet day near the end of November. Heavy snow has been falling since the early hours of the morning throughout Provo. As the sun begins to set across the Utah Lake, a small group of students gathers on the Richards Building fields. Despite the snow, many of them wear shorts, while even […]

Most people get excited for the turkey around Thanksgiving, but participants in the weekly Wilkinson Center bowling leagues get excited for turkey all year round. In bowl-speak, three consecutive strikes equals a turkey, and if students bowl one they can buy themselves a special shirt at the bowling alley. But brag-worthy t-shirts aren’t the only things keeping […]