The BYU Cougarettes have won a national championship 19 times. That’s right — the all-female dance crew that often entertains the crowd during breaks at BYU basketball and football games has been crowned the nation’s top dance squad 19 times, including twice this year.

The BYU Cougarettes clinched the National Dance Alliance National Championships in the hip hop and jazz divisions April 5-6 in Daytona, Florida, winning their 18th and 19th national titles.

The BYU cheer and STUNT team was ranked fifth in the nation for Division I schools after its first season competing in STUNT. STUNT is currently the fastest growing female sport in the nation, according to the USA cheer website. “I think anytime BYU is able to put themselves ‘on the map’ nationally, (it’s) a good […]

Students discuss their experiences as black athletes at BYU in reflection of Black History Month.