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A seminary class for special needs students touches all

By Jeffery Hunt School desks and specialized wheelchairs fill an otherwise traditional classroom in the seminary building next to Provo High School. It is a special...

Seminary prospects vie for limited spots

By Sunny Layne Rigorous training programs, long hours for less-than ideal pay and the average likelihood for success is only 1 in 35. Sounds like...

Release-time seminary grapples with transition

By Stephanie Blackner Many release-time seminary programs encounter obstacles before students even have a chance to walk across the street. "It''s a difficult program to get...

Seminary a factor in admission

By Laura Cantera Although it isn''t required for admission, seminary attendance shows up high on the to-do lists of high school students hoping to attend...

Missionaries assigned to Salt Lake East High School Seminary

By Craig Kartchner Elders Wheeler and Larkin serve in what may be considered the most unique mission in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...

CES conference to train seminary and Institute teachers

By Laura Austin The annual CES conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, held at BYU, will begin Tuesday, Aug. 14. The conference...